What now? You need to choose a mentor! Wait....check that.  You need a LEADER as your mentor.

If you're thinking about joining Origami Owl, then you will need a mentor.  You can be THE LONE RANGER, not want to take part in any meetings, and you will STILL need to choose someone who is, your mentor.  

Here's the deal...if you don't choose a mentor on your own, The Nest (our name for the corporate offices) will choose one for you.  Why leave it to chance?  If you are thinking of doing this part-time or full-time, you want the best support possible.  And while you're at it, why not choose a GREAT TEAM!  Why not choose THE BEST team!  (Just ask us.)  ;)

I do this while being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter and...I have a J-O-B.  Why does that matter to you?  Because I get it.  I deal with the QUEST FOR BALANCE and constantly try to find BALANCE in my life.  O2 is my ME TIME.  And the great thing is, I make money WHILE doing something I enjoy.  I LOVE OUR TEAM.  With technology today, I probably don't need to "sell you" that you CAN communicate all day long.  I'm easy to reach.  I'll just say...I'm SUPAH-QUICK when it comes to texting, which I find is the way a lot of Designers like to communicate...but getting on the phone and talking through ideas and preparation, especially as you get started, is really what I love to do.   

My mom always said, if you want something done, give it to a busy person, because they will FIND the time or MAKE the time.  :)  I don't expect any of my team members to do exactly what I do.  This is YOUR BUSINESS.  YOUR TIME.  YOUR LIFE.  It can work for you...if you're willing to work for it...and I would love to be part of your journey.

On to the laundry list:

 About Beth and THE BEST NEST:

● March 2018 Beth & her team, THE BEST NEST, became a FIELD VICE PRESIDENT LEVEL TEAM with 81 Team Leaders and up (the requirement is 45).  There are only THREE Leaders in the company with a higher achieved rank than this.

● November 2017 Beth & her team, THE BEST NEST, became an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LEVEL TEAM with 77 Team Leaders and up (the requirement is 30).  There are only SEVEN other Leaders in the company to reach this rank.

● 2017 Top Ten - Diamond Parliament Team (defined below**)

● 2017 Bora Bora Trip Earner for Diamond Parliament (defined below)

● 2017 Corporate Award - Top Sponsors (in the top ten, not defined)

● 2016 Top 20 - Parliament Team (defined below*)

● 2016 Corporate Award - Top Sponsors (#3) 

● 2015 Corporate Award - Top 10 Sponsors (#4)

● 2014 Corporate Award - Top 10 Sponsor (#8)

● 2013 Corporate Award - Most Inspiring Designer

● Earned all of the Leader/Sales trips the company has ever had (Cancun, Maui, Cabo, Caribbean).   


Helping the Field

● National Conference Workshop Presenter  (2013-2017) - Topics have included various conversations around Mentoring (3 years), Strengthening Your Business with Loyal Customers, and Understanding how to build a team with the Career Plan (a leader-level class). 

The Best Nest YouTube channel is a public location where Beth has showcased more than 300 personally produced and edited videos with more than 5,000 subscribers and 1/4 million views.  Any Designer from ANY team is welcome to use them for training.

● Beth was selected by Corporate and her peers to be part of the 2015 Corporate Advisory Board, which brings "a voice of the field" to corporate as well as helping to project the vision of growth between Corporate and the Field. These 14 leaders were chosen based on consistency in personal rank and sales, leadership to the field, ability to communicate, as well as living the values of Origami Owl.   Beth was selected as the 2015 Chairperson.

Other info:

● Knows the Career Plan inside and out {This is NEW as of 3/1/2018}

● Excellent at listening to YOUR goals and dreams

● Loves to be a Mentor

● Beth was asked by the leaders at corporate to help with New Designer Training Videos. She can even be seen on the new "How to set up your Display Table" video - from corporate. {Watch it HERE!}

● Beth was asked by corporate to produce and host a video on how to boost your Jewelry Bar Sales {Watch it here!}


Founder & Facilitator of these Facebook Groups:  

     The Best Nest (our private 24/7 team facebook group page)

     Near Your Nest (a private page to help Designers find other local Designers to meet up for coffee and ideas)

     The Blessed Nest (a faith-filled group with inspiration)

     The Best Nest en Español (a private group for our spanish-speaking Designers)

     Team Believe Canada (Yep, just what it sounds like--a team page with Canadian Origami Owl news)

     Team Believe Jump Start (a page for Designers looking for MORE ideas and inspiration in their businesses)



● 24/7 Team Facebook Page (several amazing leaders on our team help to monitor this)

● One-to-One Mentoring (with Beth or with the Leader you choose)

● LIVE Team ZOOM Meetings and Facebook Lives

● Lots of Video Training (public videos on and private training videos too).

● THE BEST NEST is made up of many leader teams with some of the top sales people and sponsors in the whole company.  It's an incredible group with some really intelligent, creative and driven ladies (and some men too)!!  

● Most of all, THE BEST NEST offers Camaraderie, Inspiration and FUN!

Here we are at THE WHITE OUT PARTY at National Conference 2013                                                                                       ----------->

This is at National Conference 2015, Chicago   
2016 LEAD (Leadership Conference) Lake Las Vegas, Nevada