THE BEST NEST (Where Designers come to be their best!)

THE BEST NEST HAS been around since March of 2012, starting with just Beth and her daughter, Sierra Rose. The Best Nest currently has about 1,500 DESIGNERS REPRESENTING 44 STATES in the U.S.A, and 6 Provinces in Canada!  We are also one of the strongest LEADER-TEAMS in the company* (we have 81 Team Leader [and up] Teams as of March 2018, making us a FIELD VICE PRESIDENT team) and we LOVE to share and have fun! 

Here are most of our team members {some slipped away to get ICE CREAM--who can blame them--it was HOT in Phoenix} during our NATIONAL CONFERENCE this past July.  :)  We are all all ages from all places and we have one thing in common...we {love} our team!  

These are {most of} our leaders who were able to attend the 2018 Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas in January.  Origami Owl offers this leadership conference to those Designers in the company who are Team Leader and up.  Every year, it is held in a different city.

Thinking of joining us?  Here's what you need to know:


Oh Bella & Chrissy Weems, how we {love} thee! Had it not been for you and your beautiful Origami Owl Lockets, we never would have joined on this journey together! We are from all walks of life, all ages, so many places and yet, when we come together (in person, on-line or even on the phone), WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY! {TRUE.} The more you PLUG IN, the more you will get back. Being connected to your fellow owls will do SO MUCH for your O2 business! And the fun you have on the journey is pretty great too! Looking for a home nest? Maybe we are right for you! xoxo


2018 September Incentives to SHOP,HOST and JOIN Origami Owl

Career Plan (March 2018 Edition)



Soar to SUCCESS in 7 Days


Our NEW TRIP INCENTIVE IS TO Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!!!  {Check it out!}



SIDE NOTE if you're thinking about joining US!!!

This website are loaded with information about starter kits (CLICK HERE), incentives that are going on, as well as HOW TO CHOOSE A TEAM (and yes, we hope you choose us). 

Did you know you can EARN A DESIGNER KIT at a discount or FOR FREE just by being a HOSTESS?  Yes, you can.  You have questions?  We have answers!

When you make the decision to start a new business, information and support is important...but so is being in a place that suits your personality.  We think it’s really important for you to find the right mentor and the right team, the right inspiration and the right direction, and we at THE BEST NEST offer as much info as we can about our wonderful leaders, as well as the company in general.  From making an educated decision about the kit that you purchase to being sure you and your mentor have quick communication, are just two of the many things we think you should be checking out. 

If you have decided to sign up with Origami Owl, you MUST CHOOSE your mentor **at the time you sign up**, or one will be chosen for you.  Why would you leave that very important choice to chance? We suggest, you do some research with your head, interview 2-3 leaders and follow your heart.  Trust your gut.  You will know where to go.

Of course, we would love to see you join our amazing team!  So check us out!  And let us know what else we can do for you!  

*The Best Nest (lead by Executive Director, Beth Blemaster) has been recognized by Origami Owl as ONE OF THE TOP TEN TEAMS in the entire company--for consistency at the Senior Director Rank (which means our LEADERS are consistent in their businesses...and THEIR TEAMS are consistent in their business).  Don't you want to be part of a team that takes this SERIOUSLY? We do! And you should too!  :)