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It’s as easy as 1…2…3...and a BOOST!


Which kit do I choose?

We get asked all the time, which kit and WHY.  The three choices make it easy for just about anyone on any budget to join and get your business going.  It should go without saying, you should always run your own numbers and of course, never go outside your budget. That said, we do have some input you may want to consider before you make your investment.


1.  $99 - O2 "NOW THAT'S HAPPY" Kit 

Why choose kit #1?  Usually for BUDGET.  For $99, it gets you into the company and it’s a great way to get going in Origami Owl and start making money.  With this kit, your path is going to be showing a small selection of product (so guests can see and feel the quality), you take guest orders and ship to the Hostess (or direct to the guest).  

Do NOT feel shy about this kit!  It's a wonderful way to begin!  Yes, we have had many Designers who have a profitable business by taking orders rather than buying thousands and thousands of dollars in jewelry...and this kit is a great way to dip your toe in and get going!

With the "Now that's Happy" Kit, you do not receive any PV.  (Click here to find out WHY PV may matter to you).  




The primary difference is the color of the metals you choose.  One offers the trendy BLACK METALS with SILVER while the other features BLACK and GOLD.  There are some minor differences in the kits, but the value is the same.  YOU CHOOSE!  Buy either of these kids for just $199 and get an $825. 

(More questions?  Email us and we will tell you all about the great incentives for new Designers!)



Give your Jewelry Bar supplies a BOOST when you add the Jewelry Bar Booster! Available for both new Designers, and existing Designers, this special add-on contains a sampling of our most loved, best-selling items to help boost your Jewelry Bar or prepare for an upcoming event. The booster contains your 5 Steps to Creating a Living Locket® to create multiple, complete locket looks, along with additional items to help your customers walk away from the Jewelry Bar with a Locket they’ll love. With the retirement of the Ultimate Jewelry Bar Starter Kit, this booster allows your new Designers to achieve the same PV as previous starter kits.

It’s also the perfect follow up to support your new Designers who may have joined recently with a smaller kit, or simply need to refresh the jewelry they have on-hand with our newest pieces.

Jewelry Bar Booster Details:

Jewelry Bar Booster for New Designer – KT2043

o   Price: $289 USD | $366 CAD

o   275 PV

o   Purchased at the time of sign up as an add-on with their starter kit of choice

o   Over $425 USD | $550 CAD Retail Value

o   Includes 43 top-selling styles and best-selling Jewelry Pieces + Business Materials


Here are the FAQs for the Jewlery Bar Booster!


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