Holy cannoli!  Sometimes I wonder, "Where do I begin with all the STUFF we have going on in this company?"
Well, this is one of those months.  Fresh off a RIDICULOUSLY INCREDIBLE October, here we are...
Launching our GRINCH Jewelry Line in partnership with ILLUMINATION Entertainment!
We. Are. The. Real. Deal. {suspendersnap!}
The second BIG ITEM this the launch of the "My First Locket" set for $39. ($56 retail)
This is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.
Corporate is TESTING this GIFTABLE ITEM for 60 through December 31st.
I can tell you from experience, this is theeeee best ADD ON to offer at checkout...this is the ANSWER to, "I don't know which charms to choose for her...", this is the answer to anyone who needs a teacher gift, stocking stuffer or something simple and meaningful...and WHO, tell me, doesn't need that????  :)
We are so happy for this month and all it has to offer.  
November is the time to really build your dreams and plant those seeds to grow your garden of business.
November is the time that you put in your best efforts with people who are LOOKING for a solution to their BEST GIFT EVER quest.  You have it.  You hold the key.
Before I let you sure you schedule some time to watch the latest episode of "I LOCKET A LOT" Training for Origami Owl Designers.  Tami and I have a JAM PACKED 30 minute video with LOTS OF TIPS AND TRICKS that you will want to use in November and in the months ahead.  DO. NOT. MISS.
In fact, here it is...
Don't miss a Monthly Update again!  Join us here:
The "I LOCKET A LOT" Youtube Channel features:

- Beth & Tami on the 3rd of every month
- Leader Lesson on the 10th of every month 
- Quick Tips - Whenever we feel inspired to post one!
Here is September's Video


See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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$100+ of O2 Jewelry for $19 and a new business too!!!

We are fresh off the Origami Owl convention and there is SO MUCH to report.  The BEST thing I want to share (and quickly) is this.  
If you have EVER thought about joining us and being part of our O2 Family, I am not kidding when I say, "NOW IS THE TIME."
$19 will get you $155 in Origami Owl Jewelry---and not ANY Origami Owl Jewelry...YOUR CHOICE of Origami Owl Jewelry!!  
From Aug 1-15, new Designers can join for $19 and automatically receive a credit to spend $155 however you wish!   AND....that's not all!  You also get a FREE website, a FREE pack of take out menus and the O2 APP FREE for three months.......THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!!
If nothing else...what if you joined and started working toward earning a VACATION for yourself?  We have a NEW incentive trip to PUNTA CANA in April 2019!!!!!!!!!!! 
The tools are here.  The support is here.  You need to get yourself here.  
Look at THIS!!! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป
I'll just say that I've been here for SIX YEARS and there are no signs of stopping now.  Being a part of this company was one of the best decisions I have made, and we LOVE to welcome new team members who want to change lives, one locket at a time!!!

Happy Owl-iversary to THE BEST NEST!!!!

Wow. Was it really FOUR YEARS AGO that I joined a sweet mother/daughter company to sell jewelry? A jewelry company called, "Origami Owl"?  No parper folding, right?  Just checking.  

FOUR YEARS seems like yesterday... and forever-ago at the same time. 

All I thought (in the beginning) was that we were getting into was a little business where Sierra and I could spend some time together and I could teach her some valuable tools about being in business for yourself. Within 6 months of doing events with me, my little sweet pea was blossoming in her ability to talk with adults and was literally pushing me out of the way with customers (she was 12--it's ok) so that *she* could explain the process and how to tell your story in a beautiful keepsake locket.

We learned VERY QUICKLY that this was going to be an adventure. I prayed on it...asking what I could do to really make the most of this dream of our founders, Bella (who started the company because she wanted a jeep) and her mom Chrissy (who has a passionate heart to be a "force for good" in the world).

I didn't know much about direct sales. I'd never done it before. I *did* know how to make videos (from my former life as a reporter) and I knew I could spread the word through that channel. So I did. And people came. And now, FOUR YEARS later, we have more than 1,700 people on our team at THE BEST NEST. Most of my very FIRST leaders who joined are still with our team. I have met so many incredible people and made so many friends and I have learned SO MUCH from everyone and from being part of this company.

And even though Sierra is only home part of the year now, I am still working with our team every day (except Sundays). I continue to try and sponsor and mentor a couple of new Designers every month, because I {love} the fact that selling jewelry can truly help to change people's lives.

Sometimes, as I sit in gratitude, I still wonder *how* I got here...and *why* God chose this path for me. If you would have told me 5 years ago this is where I would be and what I would be doing, I'd have thought you were *coo-coo*. But every day, I am so THANKFUL and SO BLESSED to be part of this amazing group of team mates and new friends, and I guess I should stop wondering why...and know that this is just where I am meant to be.

Much love to all of you who have become my Origami Owl family. 
Happy Owl-iversary to THE BEST NEST!!!!





Oh beautiful Team Members!  Lovely Best Nesters!  Who wants to earn a set of those beautiful Origami Owl monagramed rolling bags (be a TL two months in a row, and they are YOURS), AND start earning extra income at the same time? :) TEAM LEADER!!! What does it take? Well, you need to have your 500PV, THREE Designers on your first line who are at 99PV or higher, and 1500 TV (This is the Total Team Volume of your levels 1-4).

Let's see...if you're hitting your 500 PV, that means, you really only need three people who are working and earning the other 1,000 PV (any combination will do)!

Here's something I wanted to share. Something you may not know about me is when I joined O2, I had ZERO direct sales experience. My hubby, Mike, had been in an MLM company when I was in college, but frankly, it was his gig, not mine (I was in college at the time working toward my degree). This was BRAND SPANKING NEW to me and thankfully, because of Mike's experience, I was able to look at the career plan and see that besides selling and working with my 11-year old daughter (Sierra), if I shared this opportunity with people, I could make extra money that way too.

At the time, Origami Owl was about to go into a company "freeze" where they were not going to allow new designers in until they could meet with the current product demand (we were selling out of pretty much everything at the time). I knew VERY LITTLE about the company at the time--pretty much that it was a 14 year old girl and her mom who started it and it was going gang-busters. I saw people lining up for it at a kiosk at my local mall and all my friends were buying it because it was such a great keepsake and thoughtful piece of jewelry. We didn't have back office training, or videos, or any marketing materials (maybe a couple--if any), we didn't have regionals, or SOAR events, or a national conference, or incentive trips, or support like we have now. We didn't even have a HOSTESS PROGRAM! We had to make up our own incentives for Hostesses out of something the company gave us called, "Hoot Loot".

This is so funny remembering these things as I type them. I can hardly believe how far we have come!!

My point with taking you down memory lane (my memory lane) for a minute is to tell you this--I knew before the freeze, that I did not want to WAIT to start building my team. True, I didn't know much about the company (I read the P&Ps and the career plan while I was on Spring Break with my family and that's about it). I just knew this product was like NOTHING I had seen before and I wanted to get a team of ladies to start selling it all over the country with me. I started making calls. And *just before* the freeze went into effect, I hit Team Leader. Yep, I brought three people in...over the course of just a couple of days. If you want to be a Team Leader, I am CHALLENGING YOU to get out of your comfort zone, and your need to know everything....and to do the same thing I did.

Here's the thing...they didn't know much about the company either. Just that they could see that *I* was excited about it, and that I believed it could be something great for them too.

I believe this business is a JUST DO IT kind of thing. You have to throw caution to the wind and just start sharing your happiness and WHAT YOU LOVE about the company. Some people will bite and others will not. But here's something I would do: Go talk to people PERSON TO PERSON. When you call someone and tell them that you are having an amazing time doing what you're doing, and that it's making some extra income for you, and you're looking for a few friends who have 5 hours a week (yes, 5 hours a week) to join you...and you think they'd be amazing and you'll have so much fun...THAT is what's going to make someone sign up. It's in YOU.

And don't let that little self-defeating voice get loud in your head. We all have him and you gotta get a big piece of duct tape and tape it shut. You CAN do this. Look at the other people who have come before you and are doing it. They are just like you. I am just like you. I had PLENTY of self-doubt...but every time I'd think of those people lining up at the mall, and I'd see my friends creating those beautiful stories and loving on the women in their lives, THAT pushed me through it. I didn't ask WHY. I kept saying, "WHY NOT?"

For me, it was PART-TIME in the beginning. I had a Full-Time job, two kids in sports and activities, and a hubby who likes a home-cooked meal and a lot of attention (LOL). It grew because I was willing to share.

All these new things that we have...the fabulous new starter kits, the amazing back office, the fancy trackers for incentives, the Cruise to the Caribbean, the rolling bags, the O2 swag you can earn, the CASH BONUSES you can earn, the support we have from some of THE BEST regional directors in the entire INDUSTRY, the training, the gorgeous marketing materials...the list goes on and on and on...they will help you in many ways. But at the HEART of this company is still the mother daughter team who started it all. Bella and Chrissy, who shared their dream with others so we could do good things for our families and for our communities. The foundation of this business is YOUR STORY of what made you want to join. What is your reason? What is your WHY? That's what we want you to share with your friends and family (and maybe some perfect strangers too).

I will never ask you to do anything I have not done myself. I work this business because I love it...and I want to share it with others because I know how blessed I have been and have seen it bless so many others as well.

I actually have to get back to work have a shipment of 12 lockets, bracelets and lanyards that have to be delivered/shipped to customers today.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you hear me when I say, you don't need to know EVERYTHING to offer this opportunity to others. You just need to SHARE how much it means to YOU.

Have an amazing day!!!


2016 is YOUR year for Success!!!!!


Have you ever thought....I'd really like to ask my friend, co-worker, family member, or even the fun barista who makes my cafe latte... to come join Origami Owl with me, but you didn't think you had the *right* words???

Maybe you didn't want to seem like a crazy "recruiting" lady from a Direct Sales company. Maybe you were worried she would say NO. Well, what if I told you...we are going to give you the words??? We will give you the words, delivered in a *thoughtful* way, where *they* make the choice if they're interested in your opportunity? {hold that thought}

One of my personal goals in 2016 is to share Origami Owl with people like I never have before! I have watched as people's lives have literally changed (small and big) simply becuase this opportunity came their way.  I have been praying, researching and thinking about *what to do* to make that happen. 

I realize that not everyone is in Origami Owl to build a team…and that’s totally cool. But if you're one of the people who had those thoughts we talked about earlier—I’d like to tell them about joining Origami Owl…but I gotta bunch of reasons not to (worried, don’t have the words, she will think I’m cuckoo…)...this is the tool for YOU!!!

I know from talking with several of you that you *do want* to share Origami Owl with others—you’re just not sure how to start. Or you have members on your team who want to…but they’re apprehensive.

***If any of this is speaking to you…then you need to move on over to our group that will be focusing on this is 2016.*** I know, I know…{hand into face} one needs another Facebook group to follow. But think of this one as an extension of your business. We are not going to flood you with needless things. We are going to literally put the resources all in one place, and walk you through the process of making it your own.

This is the tool…this is the time. Get yourself on this page (only Best Nest will be approved). Get your team members on this page. We start TOMORROW!!!!



Origami Owl Events - Boost Your Sales!

I am constantly trying new things with my events and Jewelry Bars to boost sales and to help customers have a positive experience.  In the last few weeks, we have tried TWO NEW THINGS that really seem to be helping to get more people at the table!  
The first thing is with regard to pricing.  I know that even though I am fortunate enough that I can probably afford anything I want to buy at a craft fair, I do NOT like to ask the price of anything.  I don't know WHY that is, but of about 8 ladies who were working with us at an event last month, we all agreed that we'd rather WALK AWAY than ASK THE PRICING.  So!  We have been making "demo" lockets for the busts (and having LOTS of them on display) so people can see all the different things you can do with our products. AND!!! We are putting the PRICES on them.  This does ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING. It gives people an INSTANT idea whether Origami Owl is in their budget (yes, have a variety of prices on display). Many people are surprised to find we are really affordable! 
ALSO! We found that at a HUGE event we had in Tacoma, as well as a small event my mom and I did in Carefree, Arizona, we put out the "roundie rack" (as I call it) with the classic silver lockets and the least expensive chain you have in your inventory (I still have the ball station chains which are $8, so I used those). We called it, "Starter Lockets" and put a card at the top that showed the prices were "$28 - $36 for a locket, chain, jewelry pouch and take out box. Charms $5.00 each. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST" 
It was AMAZING how many people came to our tables and realized they could afford this gift for someone because we had ELIMINATED the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to choose, SIMPLIFIED THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE and gave them THE BASICS.  **NOTE:  at the big event where we had a big booth, we positioned the rack at the ENTRY to the booth (In the photo it's at the back and no one could see it, so we moved it to DRAW people into the booth), so it was a great conversation starter for our "greeter".  "Have you seen Origami Owl before?"  "Our prices start at just $20 for THIS [show and tell] medium silver locket, the chain is $8 and charms are $5.00 each.  You can make a beautiful custom gift for someone for about $45."  TAH-DAH!**  
(Yes, we DID IRON the tablecloths before the show--this was the day before, at set-up!)
I was going through the sales slips yesterday and it was INCREDIBLE to see how many of those "sets" we sold. I know we pulled a lot of people into the booth with that basic pricing...and I am suggesting you try it too!