OH.MY.GOSH.  I am so excited for 2019.
First off, at our Leadership Conference, The Best Nest is the #1 Sponsoring Team in all of Origami Owl.  #suspendersnap #weareawesome #justaskus
Personal back-patting aside...
I just learned THE BEST SPONSORING IDEA in a looooooooong time!
I got it from the #1 sponsorer in Origami Owl (Q4 2018),
who just so happens to be on our team,
and I'm here to spill the beans to you!  
If you have customers who {LOVE} a good deal, then you've gotta tell them about THIS!  They can turn $49 in Jewelry into $149 in jewelry (and even up to $200) when they join Origami Owl.  
I am always asking the most successful people, "What are you doing?" 
This time, the #1 personal sponsorer in ALL OF O2, Michele Kehnert, told me how she is finding success.  It's the $49 KIT!  Because everyone loves a good deal!  
Here's a comment from our team post on what she's doing:
Then, while we were at LEAD conference last week, superstar trainer, Abby Teet talked about using the $49 kit to sponsor, and so did long-time Designer Carla New--who shared how she used the $49 kit to build her team and reach a brand new rank advancement!  
I'd say....that's a lot of pretty smart people who think the $49 kit is a suppahhsmaht tool.  
And in this video, you can see how to use it for your customers too!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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DIWs (Designer In Waiting)...You say you want to join Origami Owl NOW? Here's how!

Hello to our lovely Designers in Waiting!
I know you are chomping at the bit to get into this amazing company and get your business started!  
We have some BIG (really big) news out of the to how you can make it happen FASTER!
 In just two weeks, Origami Owl is making an unprecedented move at our VERY FIRST NATIONAL CONFERENCE...swooping in like a fairy godmother and BOPPING the DIWs on the head to make them
Official Designers!  
YEP, you read it right...skip to the head of the become official THAT DAY DESIGNERS!  

You may be asking yourself...WHY would corporate do such a thing?   
Well, while some companies offer swag (free company logo gifts and product) at their events as incentive to bring in more representatives (and yes, we give free stuff too)...making a move like this one is a super smart (evil genius smart) thing to do to grow the company.  

Corporate knows that those Designers who attend conference are MORE LIKELY to find success in their business (it is statistically proven). This is not a new theory.  People in ANY BUSINESS that attend conferences, who get personal coaching and who connect with people in their company are more likely to STAY ENGAGED, feel a personal connection to the company and will take it seriously and DO WELL!  
The Nest knows you will do well, which makes them do well, which makes you do well!  
It’s a
Beautiful Cycle!
Let’s address the elephant in the room...we all have lives—vacations, jobs, family obligations that may keep you from coming—no matter how badly you want to attend, you just can’t swing it.  If that’s the case...that is TOTALLY OK.  No worries!  
There is actually still a Silver Lining in it for you!  
Think about these two things...First, if you can not attend, then nothing changes for you.  You are not being penalized or moved in line. Nothing changes and you keep prepping and getting ready to KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK when you get your invite.  Second (and most importantly), when MORE people get OFF the list...what does that do to your number?  You get moved up!  So really, the more DIWs that attend conference, the more people who get off the list, and the faster your number moves up.

So if you CAN’s the link to sign up.  Just click register and you’ll be on your way!  
As always, do not hesitate to call, text or email me with any questions or concerns you have.  : )  

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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