[What is she talking about?!?]
Conference is upon us, my pretties!  I leave for Savannah in less than 24 hours, and lots of our team members are already on the way or THERE (exploring that lovely city)!
July is OUR NEW YEAR because this is when all our sponsoring, selling,team advancements and hard work get acknowledged by corporate!  

(This is the TEAM Image for 2019 Conference!
50 MUGS and 100 buttons will be given out!)

I think it's safe to say we have been BUSY BEES for the first 6 months this year!
THE BEST NEST is celebrating FOUR of the 30 teams that made PARLIAMENT!!*
THAT, my friends, is INCREDIBLE!  Congratulations to our amazing team leaders, Kate McKenzie of The Evergreen Nest, Courtney Butler with Team Diamond, Randy Mellon with The Believers and Achievers and of course our team OVERALL, THE BEST NEST! 
Today's post is short and sweet. 
We are getting ready to go and my computer is DINGING with updates from all our peeps (125 at last count) who are getting excited!

I have to edit a video for my workshop, enter info into a NEW {exciting} WEBSITE for NEW DESIGNERS WHO JOIN ORIGAMI OWL, AND...{please Lord}...let me find enough time to get my nails and toes done!!

Rachel Hollis as a speaker! {EVERYBODY GETS ONE!} and THE NEW FALL COLLECTION REVEAL!!!  PSHEWWW!  Where is my coffee?  I's gonna need it today!

Stay tuned on the team page for ALL THE UPDATES!
See you from Savannah!  

*Parliament is a way that corporate gagues the leadership and growth of teams in Origami Owl.  The teams with the most growth over the year before make Parliament!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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January 7th! Mark your calendar!

January 7th is a red letter day for Origami Owl Designers! We can order our Valentine's Day product!  Yes, that is ONE DAY BEFORE it will be available to the general public (so you get it first), and YES, there will be purchase limits, so things don't go out of stock just because a handful of Designers place super huge orders.  

Don't miss the date!  Be checking our team facebook page for updated info on ordering limits and release times.  (We typically release new product at NOON EST on the date of release.)  

Happy Shopping!

<3 Beth


Valentine's Day Sneak Peek

Lovely team!  I am not officially back in the office yet (out through the New Year), but HAD TO post this link for you to watch the latest SNEAK PEEK of the Origami Owl Valentine's Day line!  I don't know about you, but I am really glad I got some moolah for Christmas because it's ALL going to the new Valentine's Day collection!!

Supplements (as shown in the video) are available in your back office (order under BUSINESS SUPPLIES) SKUs are: SA7012 (English) and SA7012SP (Spanish) and are available NOW!  :)  

If you need help remembering how to put in a BUSINESS SUPPLY ORDER click HERE and go to 6:30 to see how to order in your back office. {You're Welcome.} <3

Enjoy!  CLICK the box with Chrissy to watch it!






Hostess Exclusives January - March 2015

Origami Owl called in CUPID for these hostess exclusives, ladies!!!


Love is in the air with our gorgeous new Hostess Exclusive! Beginning January 7, 2015, our amazing Hostesses will be eligible to earn the latest Hostess Exclusive. This amazing gift includes some beautiful new items that your Hostesses will adore. Plus, you can wear it four different ways! 

This exclusive look is only available to our Hostesses, and at a discount too! How’s that for exclusive?!

+ Over the Heart Chain
+ Large Heart Locket
+ Red Crystal in Silver Dangle
+ Exclusive Love Infinity Dangle
+ Exclusive XOXO Charm
+ 2 Exclusive Red Heart Crystals by Swarovski
+ Exclusive Medium Silver Endless Love Round Plate
+ Silver Link Locket
+ 7” or 8” Link Locket Bracelet

The ENTIRE flier is located on the CUSTOMER/HOSTESSES page.  Just click on the box that's on the right side that says, "Hostess Rewards Click Here" and you can save a copy to your desktop.  {You can also click HERE to go right to the page.}

Enjoy getting all those bookings!  This one's a real treat!!  

XOX! Beth


Going, Going, GONE!!!!

{Thanks to our friend, Lorri Moffatt for this great photo!}
We are sad to see them go, but two of our favorite items are now listed as Limited Edition. It is our Large Silver Twist Locket Face with Blue Zircon Crystals by Swarovski (BZ4005) and the Large Silver Twist Living Locket Face with Fuchsia Crystals by Swarovski (BZ4007). These two items were not originally labeled as Limited Edition, however, both items are now only available while supplies last.
The Nest

Origami Owl Holiday Shipping Times - Boost Sales!

Lovely team!  Did you know there are only TEN DAYS LEFT for STANDARD Holiday Shipping?  Well, here's a great little way to boost your sales with that TIMELINE in mind!

Get your guy customers to get-going on shopping!!!  Send a personal email and tell them that starting at just $45 (plus tax and shipping) you can make a custom gift that she is guaranteed to TREASURE!  Guys would rather have a ROOT CANAL than go shopping--so offer to take pain away!   They just need to give you their price range (average price for a rockin' bling locket is $65-$85), and answer a few FAST questions and you'll ship it right to their house!  

What do you ask?  Her name & birthdate (initial and birthstone), hobbies, faith, kids?, pets?, has she taken a trip of a lifetime (maybe a double-decker bus for a trip she took to the UK), you get the idea!  You can even use facebook to build a locket for someone you don't know, because you can SEE what they post is what's most important to them.  

Best of all...NO MALL!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here are the Holiday Shipping dates if you do not have them.  

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