OH.MY.GOSH.  I am so excited for 2019.
First off, at our Leadership Conference, The Best Nest is the #1 Sponsoring Team in all of Origami Owl.  #suspendersnap #weareawesome #justaskus
Personal back-patting aside...
I just learned THE BEST SPONSORING IDEA in a looooooooong time!
I got it from the #1 sponsorer in Origami Owl (Q4 2018),
who just so happens to be on our team,
and I'm here to spill the beans to you!  
If you have customers who {LOVE} a good deal, then you've gotta tell them about THIS!  They can turn $49 in Jewelry into $149 in jewelry (and even up to $200) when they join Origami Owl.  
I am always asking the most successful people, "What are you doing?" 
This time, the #1 personal sponsorer in ALL OF O2, Michele Kehnert, told me how she is finding success.  It's the $49 KIT!  Because everyone loves a good deal!  
Here's a comment from our team post on what she's doing:
Then, while we were at LEAD conference last week, superstar trainer, Abby Teet talked about using the $49 kit to sponsor, and so did long-time Designer Carla New--who shared how she used the $49 kit to build her team and reach a brand new rank advancement!  
I'd say....that's a lot of pretty smart people who think the $49 kit is a suppahhsmaht tool.  
And in this video, you can see how to use it for your customers too!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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Valentine's Day Sneak Peek

Lovely team!  I am not officially back in the office yet (out through the New Year), but HAD TO post this link for you to watch the latest SNEAK PEEK of the Origami Owl Valentine's Day line!  I don't know about you, but I am really glad I got some moolah for Christmas because it's ALL going to the new Valentine's Day collection!!

Supplements (as shown in the video) are available in your back office (order under BUSINESS SUPPLIES) SKUs are: SA7012 (English) and SA7012SP (Spanish) and are available NOW!  :)  

If you need help remembering how to put in a BUSINESS SUPPLY ORDER click HERE and go to 6:30 to see how to order in your back office. {You're Welcome.} <3

Enjoy!  CLICK the box with Chrissy to watch it!






Hostess Exclusives January - March 2015

Origami Owl called in CUPID for these hostess exclusives, ladies!!!


Love is in the air with our gorgeous new Hostess Exclusive! Beginning January 7, 2015, our amazing Hostesses will be eligible to earn the latest Hostess Exclusive. This amazing gift includes some beautiful new items that your Hostesses will adore. Plus, you can wear it four different ways! 

This exclusive look is only available to our Hostesses, and at a discount too! How’s that for exclusive?!

+ Over the Heart Chain
+ Large Heart Locket
+ Red Crystal in Silver Dangle
+ Exclusive Love Infinity Dangle
+ Exclusive XOXO Charm
+ 2 Exclusive Red Heart Crystals by Swarovski
+ Exclusive Medium Silver Endless Love Round Plate
+ Silver Link Locket
+ 7” or 8” Link Locket Bracelet

The ENTIRE flier is located on the CUSTOMER/HOSTESSES page.  Just click on the box that's on the right side that says, "Hostess Rewards Click Here" and you can save a copy to your desktop.  {You can also click HERE to go right to the page.}

Enjoy getting all those bookings!  This one's a real treat!!  

XOX! Beth


Going, Going, GONE!!!!

{Thanks to our friend, Lorri Moffatt for this great photo!}
We are sad to see them go, but two of our favorite items are now listed as Limited Edition. It is our Large Silver Twist Locket Face with Blue Zircon Crystals by Swarovski (BZ4005) and the Large Silver Twist Living Locket Face with Fuchsia Crystals by Swarovski (BZ4007). These two items were not originally labeled as Limited Edition, however, both items are now only available while supplies last.
The Nest

Origami Owl Holiday Shipping Times - Boost Sales!

Lovely team!  Did you know there are only TEN DAYS LEFT for STANDARD Holiday Shipping?  Well, here's a great little way to boost your sales with that TIMELINE in mind!

Get your guy customers to get-going on shopping!!!  Send a personal email and tell them that starting at just $45 (plus tax and shipping) you can make a custom gift that she is guaranteed to TREASURE!  Guys would rather have a ROOT CANAL than go shopping--so offer to take pain away!   They just need to give you their price range (average price for a rockin' bling locket is $65-$85), and answer a few FAST questions and you'll ship it right to their house!  

What do you ask?  Her name & birthdate (initial and birthstone), hobbies, faith, kids?, pets?, has she taken a trip of a lifetime (maybe a double-decker bus for a trip she took to the UK), you get the idea!  You can even use facebook to build a locket for someone you don't know, because you can SEE what they post is what's most important to them.  

Best of all...NO MALL!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here are the Holiday Shipping dates if you do not have them.  


Black Friday with Origami Owl

Hello beautiful team!!!
I know *I'm* going to be coming out of a turkey coma on my sister's couch late Thursday, but many of you (and your customers) will be getting ready for a massive day of shopping!  Remember this little dose of shopping madness earlier this month? Corporate did a "test run" of a GIFT OF GRATITUDE for our customers and 
We had enormous success (a total sell out in less than 24 hours), and when Origami Owl knows you and your customers {love} something, they want to give you MORE!!! 
These great social media images are available in your back office for you to use (we also have them posted on the team facebook page for easier access)!!  
FIRST, we have a facebook banner--which can also be used if you are savvy at marketing images and want to make a personalized email for your customers (this is why we push having a database saved and using a company like Mailchimp for easy mailing)!
AND we have a basic BLACK FRIDAY Social Media Image (the cube):
We suggest posting this on your O2 Fan Page (your business page) with a message as simple as this:


We know you'll be looking for great shopping deals on BLACK FRIDAY!  Make sure Origami Owl is on your list!  Check in with us on THURSDAY for AMAZING DEALS and FREE SHIPPING!  [your website]



NEED ANOTHER POST IDEA to generate some interest?  Try this:  

I know you're looking for just the RIGHT gift!  Let me help you get cracking with this Handy Holiday Gift Guide! {use your website and add /HolidayGiftGuide.aspx}

Not a bad idea, eh?  So!  Many of you are calling and asking me for the details.  Well....we don't know many details now--because, hey, who doesn't LOVE a surprise!?  Just be ready for some O2 {love} on THURSDAY!  
Keep in mind, this is "while suplies last"!  So while we don't want to create a frenzy--we DO want your customers who are interested, to be ready to SHOP!!!  So don't be SHY!!! USe these amazing images and links from the FABULOUS SALES AND MARKETING departments and give your customers a heads up!!
Be safe out there!  I'll be dreaming of you from the couch!  :)


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