[What is she talking about?!?]
Conference is upon us, my pretties!  I leave for Savannah in less than 24 hours, and lots of our team members are already on the way or THERE (exploring that lovely city)!
July is OUR NEW YEAR because this is when all our sponsoring, selling,team advancements and hard work get acknowledged by corporate!  

(This is the TEAM Image for 2019 Conference!
50 MUGS and 100 buttons will be given out!)

I think it's safe to say we have been BUSY BEES for the first 6 months this year!
THE BEST NEST is celebrating FOUR of the 30 teams that made PARLIAMENT!!*
THAT, my friends, is INCREDIBLE!  Congratulations to our amazing team leaders, Kate McKenzie of The Evergreen Nest, Courtney Butler with Team Diamond, Randy Mellon with The Believers and Achievers and of course our team OVERALL, THE BEST NEST! 
Today's post is short and sweet. 
We are getting ready to go and my computer is DINGING with updates from all our peeps (125 at last count) who are getting excited!

I have to edit a video for my workshop, enter info into a NEW {exciting} WEBSITE for NEW DESIGNERS WHO JOIN ORIGAMI OWL, AND...{please Lord}...let me find enough time to get my nails and toes done!!

Rachel Hollis as a speaker! {EVERYBODY GETS ONE!} and THE NEW FALL COLLECTION REVEAL!!!  PSHEWWW!  Where is my coffee?  I's gonna need it today!

Stay tuned on the team page for ALL THE UPDATES!
See you from Savannah!  

*Parliament is a way that corporate gagues the leadership and growth of teams in Origami Owl.  The teams with the most growth over the year before make Parliament!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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Corporate Quarterly Bonus - Did YOU get a check today?

Did you get a little email telling you, "You've earned some extra dough?"

It's from the ORIGAMI OWL LEADS INCENTIVE POOL and here's the scoop:

Corporate is working to market online through google searches and other online leads, then they put those profits into a “pool” and payout to qualifying designers.

So here’s what happens:
1. A brand new customer goes to the Origami Owl website and chooses a Designer near them. 
2. The system finds a Designer who is within 25 miles of the Customer. (See “How to Qualify for Leads” below.)
3. Customer places an order with that Designer. 
4. The Designer Receives an email that says, “Congratulations, a customer placed an order!” And gives you contact info for the customer.
5. The order shows up in the Designer’s back office WITHOUT PV (because you did not generate this lead yourself.)
6. The commissions from that order go into a BONUS POOL which is distributed quarterly to Qualifying Designers. (See “How to qualify for Bonus Pool” below).
7. The customer gets added to the Designer’s NEWSLETTER email list. (See info on the “O2 Bundle” below.)
8. The Designer will have their contact info (remember?) and SHOULD reach out to them to make sure they received the order and {love} it!
If they order again, the Designer will get PV on anything the new customer buys.

WE know you’re asking…where do the commissions from those FIRST SALES go to? Well, for those FIRST ORDERS (where the Designer did NOT get PV), those commissions break out TWO WAYS: 1. A portion goes to marketing expenses (which got you that lead in the first place). 2. The rest goes into a “POOL” for the whole country, and are paid out quarterly to all the Designers who QUALIFY. (Since this only began in November, this Quarter is only November/December. The next Quarter will be —yep, you guessed it—January-March.)

COOL FACT: Corporate paid out $500,000 to eligible Designers for this past quarter (4Q 2015).


***How to QUALIFY FOR LEADS near you***
All you have to do is be an ACTIVE Designer, meeting your $99 PV in the previous month. So every time you are a qualifying Designer with your $99PV, you automatically go into the pool for the next month for leads in your area.
If there is more than one eligible designer, within the designated 25 mile radius of a lead, the leads will be assuaged one at a time and then they will rotate the next designer.

***How to qualify for BONUS Payout***
Similar to the qualifications for the LEADS Qualifications, in order to be eligible for the QUARTERLY BONUS PAYOUT, you have to be eligible(have reached your $99PV in the ENTIRE previous QUARTER.

***Info on O2 Bundle***
This Lead Generator is part of the O2 Bundle, so you have to be part of the O2 bundle to receive leads. (The O2 bundle is when you purchase the “bundle” of the following: O2 Personal Website, back office upgrades, monthly newsletter sent to your customer database, and your warm call report.) The cost is $99 for the year and is paid every year.

Why do I not get the PV on the first order if corporate is GIVING me the lead.
You do not get PV because they did not recruit them. Corporate is paying out marking costs to get those leads to come into the corporate website. The great news is, if the customer makes a second order, they will stay with that assigned Designer and they get the continuing PV.

How do I know I got a lead if I don’t get PV?
You will receive an email stating you have a new customer. The order will show in your back office, but you won’t just have PV. (It can also be found by going into your back office under "my leads").

 There is a whole thread of great thoughts on our team Facebook page, so be sure to head over there to see what everyone else is talking about!  


Happy Friday everyone!


Great Question about your Origami Owl 1099!

One of our fabulous Designers asked this question this morning (you can see, she pretty much already knew the answer, but as a SUPER-SMARY-PANTS she was doing her homework).  Thought it was worth sharing!

Q: When O2 sends us our 1099 the commission that is reported from origami includes team commission AND jewelry bars right? The only things we need to report separately is money made at vendor events, sales out of our stock or individual orders?

A: Yes, your 1099 will have your JB commissions, your team overrides and your customer purchases from your website. Your 1099 will NOT include your JB commissions that you made on your own (if you placed the order in the back office and paid wholesale, with your customers paying you directly), OR for the commissions you made on wholesale product that you bought and sold that did NOT go through the back office.

Think of it this way, if corporate went ahead and PAID out commissions to you (they have record of them) then that will be reflected on your 1099. Anything you bought as a wholesale purchase and re-sold on your own (where customer paid you directly) will NOT be on your 1099 and you are responsible for adding that in as income when you do taxes.

ALSO! You only receive a 1099 from corporate if your commissions total more than $600 for the year.



Origami Owl Canada BONUS

The first 750 Canadian residents who sign up on the DIW (Designer In Waiting) Waitlist for Canada {opens February 3rd} will receive a bonus of approximately $200 in product (actual amount will vairy based on conversion rates). Regardless of the exact amount...what a great incentive to join Origami Owl!  

{Like you needed another reason! wink wink}  




Highlights from SOAR Conference 2015

Oh yes, we are at it again.  Give a girl a video camera and a side-kick and look what happens!

Our JANUARY CONFERENCE was a HUGE success! Here are the highlights that are about to change the game!



Origami Owl CANADA


We know you've been patiently waiting!  And it's now, it's OFFICIAL!  Origami Owl announced at SOAR 2015 (just held in Nashville) that we have paved the roads to CANADA!!!  This means, you current Designers can start mentoring to ladies (and gents) who live there!  


  • STARTING FEBRUARY 3rd: CANADA Designer In Waiting (DIW) website launches at 8:00PM EST
  • February 17th: Business Packages begin shipping from The Nest (corporate) in Chandler, Arizona
  • March 16th CANADA LAUNCH! Canadian Designers will have access to our entire product line, including the Spring Launch. Canadian Designers will have all the access that our US Designers have!






Sponsoring a Canadian Designer will be no different than sponsoring a Designer living in the U.S.  They will need your Designer ID (for the waitlist) and will be able to purchase either the Basic Business Package or Deluxe Business Package.  They are actually MAKING THE PURCHASE and COMMITING TO YOU AS A MENTOR when they sign up on the DIW waitlist.  They are basically waiting for the kit to be shipped, and for access to the back office. (Which happens when?  March 16th!!!)

Canadian Designers will receive the SAME KIT as here in the states!  (Go to the Canada Tab at the top of this page to see more on how much the Canadian kit will cost.)

Click HERE if you want to watch the video of what's in the $149 (US Dollars) kit.  The Canada Kit will have additional supplements with Canadian Currency and changes to spelling. (FUN FACT! Did you know they spell Jewelry, "JEWELLRY" up there? True.)  

I told you we have paved the roads to Canada, but really, THE BEST NEWS IS, it's almost as if there were no borders between us!  Welll.......not when it comes to your team structure, anyway.  Because anyone you mentor from Canada will count on your team as PERSONALLY SPONSORED and will count with PV, CTV and structure requirements for your Leader Commissions!!  (And BONUS!  It goes both ways...Your Canadian Designers can recruit in the US for THEIR teams as well! NOW THAT'S HAPPY!)

I know you are going to have a TON of questions...and there will be more infomation coming.  For now, you can go to our BEST NEST CANADA page (top of the home page), where we we handle more of the specifics for this next phase of your Origami Owl business.  

{Stay tuned for some fun videos that Tami and I made with the new National Sales Director for Origami Owl in Canada, Marcia Cota! Hint: We learn to sing the Canadian National Anthem! Yikes!}