OH.MY.GOSH.  I am so excited for 2019.
First off, at our Leadership Conference, The Best Nest is the #1 Sponsoring Team in all of Origami Owl.  #suspendersnap #weareawesome #justaskus
Personal back-patting aside...
I just learned THE BEST SPONSORING IDEA in a looooooooong time!
I got it from the #1 sponsorer in Origami Owl (Q4 2018),
who just so happens to be on our team,
and I'm here to spill the beans to you!  
If you have customers who {LOVE} a good deal, then you've gotta tell them about THIS!  They can turn $49 in Jewelry into $149 in jewelry (and even up to $200) when they join Origami Owl.  
I am always asking the most successful people, "What are you doing?" 
This time, the #1 personal sponsorer in ALL OF O2, Michele Kehnert, told me how she is finding success.  It's the $49 KIT!  Because everyone loves a good deal!  
Here's a comment from our team post on what she's doing:
Then, while we were at LEAD conference last week, superstar trainer, Abby Teet talked about using the $49 kit to sponsor, and so did long-time Designer Carla New--who shared how she used the $49 kit to build her team and reach a brand new rank advancement!  
I'd say....that's a lot of pretty smart people who think the $49 kit is a suppahhsmaht tool.  
And in this video, you can see how to use it for your customers too!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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Origami Owl flies into Canada!

Guess What!? Chrissy + Bella will be Saying Hello to Canada on April 11th at the Delta Guelph Hotel and
Conference Centre! Bring a friend and share the O2 {Love}! Please note... You *must* register to attend this special event: See you there!


Build the Vision - TRAINING CALL

Don't miss this call!!!! I heard Belinda speak at the leader conference at SOAR and she was great. I love that she gives you SCRIPTS (yes, scripts--exactly what to say in any situation)!!!!

Belinda Ellsworth, an internationally recognized sales consultant and a Direct Selling expert with over 30 years of industry experience, spoke at January’s Leadership Summit. Her “Five Priorities of Being a Successful Leader” is so smart that The Nest created a series of training webinars…just for you!

This week we’ll focus on Building Vision in Others. You have the amazing opportunity to inspire people to reach their dreams. Help friends in your networks make a difference. Advice from the best can help you be a force for good.

Vision is the one thing that persists even as goals shift. Along life’s curves and turns, peaks and valleys, good things happen. Belinda can help you build this positive vision in others.

Simply log in to your Back Office, visit O2 Academy and select Auditorium.

P.S. Do you love learning? Suggest a training topic or submit your own three-to-five-minute training video. We’d love to hear from you! Email your ideas to


Designer Webcast Tomorrow - FROM MAUI

Aloha! Experience a virtual visit to our exclusive 2015 Incentive Trip, Here Today, Gone to Maui!

{This is a photo from my room in MAUI!}

On February 12 at 8:30 p.m. (EST) catch a fresh dose of O2 news + sunshine. Bella and Chrissy will share some exciting announcements in this special Maui Webcast.

We’ve had an awesome start to 2015! Our beautiful Valentine’s Day collection has been a big hit! January SOAR events all over the United States brought us together like never before. And the 2015 Convention registration is now open and filling up fast!

Imagine what we’ll accomplish next! The In{script}ions™ Collection launches on February 17 and brand-new training resources will be available soon. Now that’s happy!

The Webcast will also feature special leader recognition. Our O2 family is full of high achievers, and we’ll take a moment to recognize Designers who go above and beyond!

If you miss our original screening, catch it later in the O2 Academy.



This message is from our corporate offices and you need to know it! :)

We love you Canada and are overwhelmed by your amazing response to join the Origami Owl family! When you signed up, you received a message that said "Thanks for signing up!!! You are # ___ in line." Please note that this is not your Designer ID, and you cannot use it to sponsor others. Your Designer ID # is at the bottom of the welcome email that you received shortly after your "thank you." We are aware that some people did not receive their ID # on their welcome email. This issue has been resolved, and the ID # will be sent to those affected tomorrow. In the meantime, rest assured that if your Designer ID was not visible on your welcome email, you are still signed up, and we are able to verify in which order you signed up so your promotion availability will not be affected.

Thank you for your patience and welcome to our family!

The Nest


Corporate Quarterly Bonus - Did YOU get a check today?

Did you get a little email telling you, "You've earned some extra dough?"

It's from the ORIGAMI OWL LEADS INCENTIVE POOL and here's the scoop:

Corporate is working to market online through google searches and other online leads, then they put those profits into a “pool” and payout to qualifying designers.

So here’s what happens:
1. A brand new customer goes to the Origami Owl website and chooses a Designer near them. 
2. The system finds a Designer who is within 25 miles of the Customer. (See “How to Qualify for Leads” below.)
3. Customer places an order with that Designer. 
4. The Designer Receives an email that says, “Congratulations, a customer placed an order!” And gives you contact info for the customer.
5. The order shows up in the Designer’s back office WITHOUT PV (because you did not generate this lead yourself.)
6. The commissions from that order go into a BONUS POOL which is distributed quarterly to Qualifying Designers. (See “How to qualify for Bonus Pool” below).
7. The customer gets added to the Designer’s NEWSLETTER email list. (See info on the “O2 Bundle” below.)
8. The Designer will have their contact info (remember?) and SHOULD reach out to them to make sure they received the order and {love} it!
If they order again, the Designer will get PV on anything the new customer buys.

WE know you’re asking…where do the commissions from those FIRST SALES go to? Well, for those FIRST ORDERS (where the Designer did NOT get PV), those commissions break out TWO WAYS: 1. A portion goes to marketing expenses (which got you that lead in the first place). 2. The rest goes into a “POOL” for the whole country, and are paid out quarterly to all the Designers who QUALIFY. (Since this only began in November, this Quarter is only November/December. The next Quarter will be —yep, you guessed it—January-March.)

COOL FACT: Corporate paid out $500,000 to eligible Designers for this past quarter (4Q 2015).


***How to QUALIFY FOR LEADS near you***
All you have to do is be an ACTIVE Designer, meeting your $99 PV in the previous month. So every time you are a qualifying Designer with your $99PV, you automatically go into the pool for the next month for leads in your area.
If there is more than one eligible designer, within the designated 25 mile radius of a lead, the leads will be assuaged one at a time and then they will rotate the next designer.

***How to qualify for BONUS Payout***
Similar to the qualifications for the LEADS Qualifications, in order to be eligible for the QUARTERLY BONUS PAYOUT, you have to be eligible(have reached your $99PV in the ENTIRE previous QUARTER.

***Info on O2 Bundle***
This Lead Generator is part of the O2 Bundle, so you have to be part of the O2 bundle to receive leads. (The O2 bundle is when you purchase the “bundle” of the following: O2 Personal Website, back office upgrades, monthly newsletter sent to your customer database, and your warm call report.) The cost is $99 for the year and is paid every year.

Why do I not get the PV on the first order if corporate is GIVING me the lead.
You do not get PV because they did not recruit them. Corporate is paying out marking costs to get those leads to come into the corporate website. The great news is, if the customer makes a second order, they will stay with that assigned Designer and they get the continuing PV.

How do I know I got a lead if I don’t get PV?
You will receive an email stating you have a new customer. The order will show in your back office, but you won’t just have PV. (It can also be found by going into your back office under "my leads").

 There is a whole thread of great thoughts on our team Facebook page, so be sure to head over there to see what everyone else is talking about!  


Happy Friday everyone!