[What is she talking about?!?]
Conference is upon us, my pretties!  I leave for Savannah in less than 24 hours, and lots of our team members are already on the way or THERE (exploring that lovely city)!
July is OUR NEW YEAR because this is when all our sponsoring, selling,team advancements and hard work get acknowledged by corporate!  

(This is the TEAM Image for 2019 Conference!
50 MUGS and 100 buttons will be given out!)

I think it's safe to say we have been BUSY BEES for the first 6 months this year!
THE BEST NEST is celebrating FOUR of the 30 teams that made PARLIAMENT!!*
THAT, my friends, is INCREDIBLE!  Congratulations to our amazing team leaders, Kate McKenzie of The Evergreen Nest, Courtney Butler with Team Diamond, Randy Mellon with The Believers and Achievers and of course our team OVERALL, THE BEST NEST! 
Today's post is short and sweet. 
We are getting ready to go and my computer is DINGING with updates from all our peeps (125 at last count) who are getting excited!

I have to edit a video for my workshop, enter info into a NEW {exciting} WEBSITE for NEW DESIGNERS WHO JOIN ORIGAMI OWL, AND...{please Lord}...let me find enough time to get my nails and toes done!!

Rachel Hollis as a speaker! {EVERYBODY GETS ONE!} and THE NEW FALL COLLECTION REVEAL!!!  PSHEWWW!  Where is my coffee?  I's gonna need it today!

Stay tuned on the team page for ALL THE UPDATES!
See you from Savannah!  

*Parliament is a way that corporate gagues the leadership and growth of teams in Origami Owl.  The teams with the most growth over the year before make Parliament!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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What are our products made of?

Origami Owl adds and changes product from time to time, but you can always find the "SELL SHEET" with every new collection that comes out.  

In January, we launched the SPRING 2017 line, "Oh, Sweet Sunday!" and now, all you smarties out there want to be as knowledgable as here's the PDF with all the information you need.

You'll get the answers to things like:

What are Origami Owl products made of?

What inspired this collection? (including materials and textures used, colors and print palate!)

What new pieces of jewelry came out in this collection?

How to wear it!

Best ways to SELL it!




Origami Owl flies into Canada!

Guess What!? Chrissy + Bella will be Saying Hello to Canada on April 11th at the Delta Guelph Hotel and
Conference Centre! Bring a friend and share the O2 {Love}! Please note... You *must* register to attend this special event: See you there!


Build the Vision - TRAINING CALL

Don't miss this call!!!! I heard Belinda speak at the leader conference at SOAR and she was great. I love that she gives you SCRIPTS (yes, scripts--exactly what to say in any situation)!!!!

Belinda Ellsworth, an internationally recognized sales consultant and a Direct Selling expert with over 30 years of industry experience, spoke at January’s Leadership Summit. Her “Five Priorities of Being a Successful Leader” is so smart that The Nest created a series of training webinars…just for you!

This week we’ll focus on Building Vision in Others. You have the amazing opportunity to inspire people to reach their dreams. Help friends in your networks make a difference. Advice from the best can help you be a force for good.

Vision is the one thing that persists even as goals shift. Along life’s curves and turns, peaks and valleys, good things happen. Belinda can help you build this positive vision in others.

Simply log in to your Back Office, visit O2 Academy and select Auditorium.

P.S. Do you love learning? Suggest a training topic or submit your own three-to-five-minute training video. We’d love to hear from you! Email your ideas to


Designer Webcast Tomorrow - FROM MAUI

Aloha! Experience a virtual visit to our exclusive 2015 Incentive Trip, Here Today, Gone to Maui!

{This is a photo from my room in MAUI!}

On February 12 at 8:30 p.m. (EST) catch a fresh dose of O2 news + sunshine. Bella and Chrissy will share some exciting announcements in this special Maui Webcast.

We’ve had an awesome start to 2015! Our beautiful Valentine’s Day collection has been a big hit! January SOAR events all over the United States brought us together like never before. And the 2015 Convention registration is now open and filling up fast!

Imagine what we’ll accomplish next! The In{script}ions™ Collection launches on February 17 and brand-new training resources will be available soon. Now that’s happy!

The Webcast will also feature special leader recognition. Our O2 family is full of high achievers, and we’ll take a moment to recognize Designers who go above and beyond!

If you miss our original screening, catch it later in the O2 Academy.



This message is from our corporate offices and you need to know it! :)

We love you Canada and are overwhelmed by your amazing response to join the Origami Owl family! When you signed up, you received a message that said "Thanks for signing up!!! You are # ___ in line." Please note that this is not your Designer ID, and you cannot use it to sponsor others. Your Designer ID # is at the bottom of the welcome email that you received shortly after your "thank you." We are aware that some people did not receive their ID # on their welcome email. This issue has been resolved, and the ID # will be sent to those affected tomorrow. In the meantime, rest assured that if your Designer ID was not visible on your welcome email, you are still signed up, and we are able to verify in which order you signed up so your promotion availability will not be affected.

Thank you for your patience and welcome to our family!

The Nest