Ask your friends and family, "Would you like $100+ in Origami Owl Jewelry for $19?" (Read on....)
We are fresh off the Origami Owl convention and there is SO MUCH to report.  The BEST thing I want to share (and quickly) is this.  There are some of the BEST TOOLS and JEWELRY I have EVER seen with Origami Owl---and I think that's saying a lot...first, since I am very picky about jewelry, and second, because I have been with the company for six years.  
SO!!! Here is what I am sharing with my friends and family.  You may tweak it to suit your own links and the way you talk.  BEST WISHES WITH THIS AWESOME SIGN UP INCENTIVE!! 
My beautiful friends!  If you have EVER thought about joining us and being part of our O2 Family, I am not kidding when I say, "NOW IS THE TIME."  Do you have $20?  Well!!!!
$19 will get you a SMOKIN' deal!  That $19 will get you $100+ in Origami Owl Jewelry---and not ANY Origami Owl Jewelry...YOUR CHOICE of $100+ in Origami Owl Jewelry (It's $100 wholesale, which is more than $100 retail)!!  Yes, there are strings attatched.  It's for a LIMITED TIME.
From Aug 1-15, new Designers can join for $19 and automatically receive a credit to spend $155 however you wish!   AND....that's not all!  You also get a FREE website, a FREE pack of take out menus and the O2 APP FREE for three months.......THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!!
If nothing else...what if you joined and started working toward earning a VACATION for yourself?  We have a NEW incentive trip to PUNTA CANA in April 2019!!!!!!!!!!! 
The tools are here.  The support is here.  You need to get yourself here.  
Look at THIS!!! 👇🏻
I'll just say that I've been here for SIX YEARS and there are no signs of stopping now.  Being a part of this company was one of the best decisions I have made, and we LOVE to welcome new team members who want to change lives, one locket at a time!!!



See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


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