I can hardly believe it's been SIX YEARS that we have been building and growing and sharing Origami Owl! And what's crazier...there are SO SO SO many of you who have been with us for nearly as long!  I love that we have people who are still joining EVERY DAY...who see the incredible opportunity that this company can offer if you choose to plug in and DO GREAT THINGS!  PSHEWWW!  EXCITING TIMES!

The Spring Collection and the Easter Collection are a HIT..with a handful of the LIMITED EDITION ITEMS already SOLD OUT!  Never fear....corporate is working to get more of those pretty opalesecent cushion cut earrings and the enamel egg dangles back in stock ASAP!  In the meantime, there is a TON...and I MEAN A TON of other product for our customers to LOVE!!!!  Sales of the Antique KEY are THROUGH THE ROOF!  It's my personal favorite...with a couple packets of the blush stardust and my initial "B"!  And you know what they always sell what you're showing!  :)  

THE BIGGEST NEWS THIS MONTH is that we started the NEW CAREER PLAN and man, (in my humble opinion), there is a lot to be excited about!!! It's now EASIER to get to Team Leader, which is great for NEW DESIGNERS as well as those who are looking to build bigger teams.  Why?  Team Leaders are the building blocks of the career the faster you can get someone to Team Leader, the faster they start earning bonuses, and the more likely they are to stay plugged in and make Origami Owl part of their lives!  :)  {Makes my heart happy!}

DO NOT MISS our FOUR (yes, four) NEW TRAINING VIDEOS, designed to help you understand how to make money with your O2 business, minimums for being in the company, climbing the career plan...and finally...a sneak peek at a Saturday morning ZOOM meeting with myself and one of our amazing up and coming leaders (Evonne Coonts).  You can literally be a fly on the wall as we walk through a training of how to map out leadership success using the new career plan!  

Can't wait to see what SPRING BRINGS!!!  It's time to finish thawing out and get those SPRING EVENTS and JEWELRY BARS booked!!!  Spring has sprung and success is right in front of you if you GO FOR IT!

See you on the Team Facebook Page!  Enjoy!


Origami Owl News


What we're up to now......a sneak peek!!

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